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As an authorized distributor of Ingersoll Rand, John Henry Foster Company is your place for Ingersoll Rand tools, accessories, and equipment. When it comes to putting the quality and performance of Ingersoll Rand tools in your hands, count on John Henry Foster Company to make it happen.

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Ingersoll Rand Hoists
JHF offers a broad range of electric, pneumatic and manual Ingersoll Rand hoists — for uses from high-speed production and food grade applications to harsh environments — with a wide array of options and accessories.
    • Air Hoists
      CLK Series, MLK Series, HLK Series, ARO 7700 & 7790 Series,
      ARO 7700 & 7790 Spark Resistant Series, LIFTCHAIN® Series, Hercu-Link™ Series BOP Chain Hoist Systems
    • Electric Hoists
      Quantum Series, ULE2 Ultra-Lo Series, Hercu-Link™ Series
    • Hydraulic Hoists
      LIFTCHAIN® Hydraulic Hoist, Hydraulic BOP Handling Systems
    • Manual Hoists
      Lever Chain Hoists L5H “Premium” Series, LV “Classic” Series,
         SLB “Silver” Series, Kinetic Series, Sidekick Series
      Wire Rope Pullers P Series, C Series
      Manual Chain Hoists Kinetic Series, VL2 “Premium” Series,
         MCH5 “Classic” Series, SLB “Silver” Series,
         THV “Lo-Pro” Series, ULM2/S “Ultra-Lo” Series
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