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Electric Hoists  

Quantum Series | ULE2 Ultra-Lo Series | Hercu-Link™ Series


As an authorized distributor of Ingersoll Rand, John Henry Foster Company is your place for Ingersoll Rand hoists. Ingersoll Rand offers three series of electrically powered hoists. The Quantum series has a range of 1/8 ton up to 5 metric ton capacity. The ULE2 Ultra-Low™ series range from 1/4 to 25 US ton capacity. The Hercu-Link™ series is available in capacities from 12.5 to 100 metric tons.

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Ingersoll Rand   Electric Hoists    

IR Electric Hoists - Herculink Series


Hercu-Link™ Electric Hoist Series
12.5 to 100 metric ton lifting capacity


Utilizing a modular, versatile, and rugged design the Hercu-Link™ electric chain hoist delivers enhanced safety, strength, and rugged durability to applications that are as demanding as the Hercu-Link™ is tough. Smaller than comparable wire rope hoists the Hercu-Link™ is perfect where space is at a premium and conditions are severe. Whether it’s a shipyard, nuclear or conventional power generation, or construction site there is a Hercu-Link™ model to perform the job on time, every time, and at a cost efficient price.



  • Rugged and Durable Design
    All steel construction. True vertical lift. Fully enclosed, compact planetary gearing. Zinc plated load chain. Corrosion resistant fasteners, All hooks ride on bearings for easier movement under load. Water drains, grease points on all bottom blocks.
  • Heavy Duty Motors on Hoist and Trolleys
    High starting torque. Continuous duty IEEE45 Marine grade motors. Class F insulation on hoist motor. All world-wide 3 phase voltages.
  • Enhanced Safety
    5:1 design factor. Electronic overload protection. Designed to meet ANSI / ASME B30.7 Hoist Standards. Automatic multiple disc motor brake. Upper and lower limit travel switches. Thermal overload protection. 22 mm heat treated and calibrated load chain per Din 5684.
  • Versatile Design
    Hoists are available in hook mount or integrally mounted to a plain, geared, or motorized trolley to minimize headroom. A variety of engineered options can be selected including chain containers, longer lifts, and marine paint coatings.

    Ingersoll Rand   Electric Hoists    

    IR Electric Hoists - ULE2  Series


    ULE2 Ultra-Lo Series
    1/4 - 24 US Ton Lifting Capacity


    Ingersoll Rand has a complete line of worm gear driven electric low headroom hoists providing smooth, quiet, trouble-free operation. Tested in accordance with ANSI B30.16 overhead hoist standards.


    • Meets ASME B30.16 Specifications
    • Large diameter chain wheels for improved chain wear.
    • Worm gear drive for maximum control and durability.
    • Plain, motorized, and hand chain trolleys.
    • Dual up and down limits for added safety.
    • NEMA-12 control enclosure and weather resistant Pendent controls.
    • Design flexibility allows custom configurations to be offered and priced on request.
    • Dual braking from the self-braking worm drive and spring applied motor brake.
    • Explosion-Proof units and spark and corrosion resistant features can be customer defined
      to fit the most demanding applications and priced on request.
    • Quick response time to quotes and reduced lead-time on delivery.
    • Also offered as ULA2 air chain hoist. Contact Technical Sales for more information.

    Ingersoll Rand   Electric Hoists    

    IR Electric Hoist - Quantum Series


    Quantum Series
    1/8 - 5 metric ton Lifting Capacity


    The Quantum Series Electric Chain Hoist boasts an impressive design with a focus on safety, performance and reliability. Ingersoll Rand superiority matched with your customer’s needs.

    • Design Features
      UL and C-UL listed (except 380 volt units). Complete unit listed number is 5D48
    • Meets I-R's interpretation of ASME B30.16 specifications and pertinent European FEM standards.
    • Small compact light weight, high tensile strength, die cast aluminum housing.
    • NEMA 3R hoist enclosure and NEMA 4X pendant enclosure can be used outdoors.
    • Universal tread trolley wheels fit tapered or flat flange beams.
    • Hook, eyebolt, push trolley or motorized trolley suspensions.
    • Safety lugs on all trolleys.
    • Anti-tip lugs on motorized trolleys.
    • Well balanced, modular design.
    • Eyebolt Suspension
      An eyebolt suspension is standard with motorized and plain trolleys. Unlike rigid suspensions, the eyebolt suspension allows the hoist to pivot and align itself to the direction of load pull, reducing stress and wear. (Hook suspension can be substituted.)
    • New Style Overload Clutch
      The overload clutch can be adjusted from the front of the hoist and does not effect brake performance. The overload clutch is factory set to limit Quantum from lifting loads in excess of 150% of rated hoisting capacity.
    • Gear Case
      Smooth and compact design with a helical/spur gear combination providing "grab free" movement and quiet, reliable operation. Optimum lubrication - Gears are lubricated with a semiliquid grease instead of oil, which is less likely to leak, eliminates oil level checks, and clings to the gears even after long idle periods. Quantum will even work upside down.
    • Chain Guide and Wheel
      A "floating" chain guide precisely feeds chain onto a machined-matched five-pocket chain wheel. This system insures smooth, jam resistant operation, and extends load chain, and chain wheel life.
    • Optimized load chain:
      Quantum load chain is precision formed from alloy steel, case hardened and zinc plated. The plating is an IR proprietary process, which resists corrosion better than any standard plating offered for load chain. Controlled elongation: Quantum chain is engineered to elongate a minimum of 10%. This ability to stretch reduces the possibility of catastrophic failure under sudden loading.
    • Motors
      High starting torque - Quantum motors are a totally enclosed non-ventilated (TENV) squirrel cage design. The H4 duty classification of the three phase models allows for 300 starts and 30 minutes "on time" per hour. Class F insulation allows a total thermal rating of 145-degrees Celcius at a 1.0 service factor, instead of the more common Class B insulation of 120-degree Celcius. Quantum motors can take the heat!
      Phased to your needs - Three phase motors - are available in 230, 380, 460, and 575 volts, single and dual speeds. The 230/460 volt, single speed motors are field reconnectable.
      Dual speed motors - feature 4 to 1 high to low speed ratios instead of the typical 3 to 1 ratios. The advantages are unsurpassed load control, reduced cycle time and improved productivity. The overload clutch and Class F insulation eliminate the cost of "kixons."
    • Brake
      Metal discs stack up against wear - Quantum has a state-of-the-art AC motor brake employing all-steel discs. Multiple stacking significantly increases braking surface area, reducing wear and extending life. This system eliminates the breakage common with fiber discs and the heavier steel springs and DC solenoids they require.
    • Electrical Controls
      Safety-first pendent - Quantums safety-first pendent control handles are comfortable and fit securely in the operators hand. Each low voltage (42 volt) control handle integrates a large, red emergency stop button. Operating buttons are clearly marked with high contrast arrows, feature soft push action, and are horizontally aligned for easier operation.
      Emergency shut-off - Activated from the pendent handle, the mainline contactor disconnects the power to the hoist and trolley motor providing "shut-off protection" in an emergency situation.
      Easy accessibility - Quantum enclosures are weatherproof, NEMA 3R rated. The removal of just four fasteners (slot-head on the electrical parts cover and allen-head on the mechanical parts cover) allows access to components. Since electrical and mechanical components can be accessed separately, service is quick and clean.
    • Limit Switches
      Adjustable geared limit switches are standard on all Quantum models.