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Extended Angle Sanders  

M2-Series 1.00 hp | G2-Series 0.80 hp | G3-Series 1.35 hp | Pro Series 77A 1.50 hp


The G-Series sanders have been developed as part of the G-Series finishing tools line for specific uses in service preparation and final finishing application. They are based on the G2 – 0.80 hp (0.60 kW) and G3 - 1.35 hp (1.0 kW) series with a variety of speed offering and accessories for sanding, polishing, blending and smoothing operations. The G-Series models are multi-purpose accessory tools used in aerospace, shipbuilding, utilities, woodworking and furniture production, vehicle and marine assembly and general maintenance.

The Pro-Series 77A offers a powerful 1.50 (1.12kW) hp motor which produces high, efficient performance. A self-locking throttle lever prevents accidental operation and integral steel guard provides extra strength for added operator protection. The low-profile angle head improves close-quarter application with a built in mist lubricator to automatically oil motor when the tool is started.

Your selection and purchase of finishing tools has a direct effect on process and product quality. Your decision can make a difference in finishing efficiency and in the improved quality and durability of finishes. Choose tools with enough horsepower to drive the abrasive material you are using, and allow the tools speed to work for you. Only use recommended equipment and adaptors. Use correct size guards, flanges, blotters, spindles and mounting practices to ensure operator safety.


Ingersoll Rand   Extended Angle Sanders    

IR Extended Angle Sanders


M2-Series 1.00 hp (0.75 kW)

Smooth more material in more places with all-new M2-Series extended angle sanders. They can access even hard-to-reach areas and get jobs done fast, with a more-powerful motor that needs less maintenance. Available in various speeds and configurations, there's an M2-Series angle sander to match virtually any job-and get it done


Features & Benefits

    Superior Motor
  • Lube-free for reduced maintenance
  • Speed governed to maximize productivity, efficiency and life of abrasives
  • Compact and powerful 1-hp motor for faster material removal

    Superior Ease of Use
  • Spindle Lock allows faster, easier accessory changes
  • Threaded arbor accepts many types of attachments for your application needs
  • Low-profile throttle lever for increased comfort

    Match Your Application
  • Speeds available from 2,500 rpm to 7,500 rpm
  • Multiple speeds available so you can pick the right M2- Series tool for the job

    Superior Construction
  • Steel housing for superior durability
  • Ergonomic handle design for enhanced operator comfort, to reduce fatigue, and to improve productivity


Ingersoll Rand   Extended Angle Sanders    

IR Extended Angle Sanders


G2-Series 0.80 hp (0.60 kW)


Perfect for bigger jobs, the G2-Series performs at an even more impressive 0.8 hp (0.60 kW). The G2-Series also features low noise and vibration levels and one-nut access for all motor servicing.


  • G2 = Power hp (G1- 0.4 , G2- 0.8 , G3- 1.35) s
    A = Model Config. (A- Angle Grinder, E- Ext. Angle Grinder Small, L- Ext. Angle Grinder Large, H- Horrizontal No Nxtension, X- Extended Hor. Grinder, XX- Double Bearing Ext. Horr., S- 2” Extension )
    180 = Free Speed (18,000 rpm)
    R = Exhaust Direction (R- rear, F- front, P- piped away)
    P = Output Type (P- Type 27, Type 1, Collet Tools, Sander Arbor)
    10 = Output Size -Type 27 Tools (5- 3/8” arbor Metric[for 80mmx10mm], 6- 3/8” arbor English, 7- 3/8” arbor Metric[for 100mm, 125mm, or 150mm x 22.2mm], or 10- 5/8”)
    45 = Guard Sizes (3- 3” guard, 4- 4” guard, 45- 4.5” guard, 5- 5” guard, 6- 6” guard)
  • Laser-etched product information won’’t wear off
  • Easily changeable rear to front exhaust
  • Ergonomic D-Shaped handle fits better in the operator’s hand


Ingersoll Rand   Extended Angle Sanders    

IR Extended Angle Sanders


G3-Series 1.35 hp (1.0 kW)


When the biggest job demands the most power use the G3-Series performing at an impressive 1.35 hp (1.0 kW). The G3-Series features an internal contamination-free air controller to maintain tool speed and maximize material removal rates. Ideal for industrial-duty material removal, an ergonomic D-shaped handle fits better in your hand with low noise and reduce vibration handle.


  • Internal contamination-free air controller helps maintain tool speed to maximize material removal rate
  • One-nut access for all motor servicing
  • Ergonomic D-Shaped handle fits better in the operator’s hand
  • Ideal for industrial-duty material removal for sanding.
  • Laser-etched product information won't wear off


Ingersoll Rand   Extended Angle Sanders    

IR Extended Angle Sanders


Pro Series 77A 1.50 hp (1.12 kW)


Pro Series Sanders are designed for applications involving larger areas and heavier-duty materials, Pro Series sanders range from 0.80 - 3.0 hp (0.60 - 2.24 kW) . They incorporate many of the same unique features as their counterpart grinder models.


  • 61 = Series (61, 77, 88, 99)
    H = Type (A- angle, H- horizontal, V- vertical)
    30 = Free Speed RPM (x 100)
    B = Type of Wheel (B- wire brush, F- polishing head, W- sanding head)
    10 = Arbor Diameter (10- 5/8”-11 Thread)
    6 = Wheel Diameter in. (6, 7, 8, 9)
  • Solid steel motor and arbor housing provide maximum durability
  • Built-in mist lubricator automatically oils motor when throttle is activated
  • Heavy-duty, double-row ball bearings assure long life and smooth operation