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Aventics PowerMaster®
NFPA Steel Hydraulic Cylinders

As an authorized distributor of Aventics, John Henry Foster Company is your place for PowerMaster® hydraulic steel NFPA tie rod cylinders and accessories. These cylinders are available with a full range of standard precision machined mountings and custom modifications, including stop tubes, limit switches, optional ports and seals, special rod ends, etc.

      Standard Features include:
    • Meet or exceed all J.I.C. and NFPA requirements
    • Pressure Rating for Hydraulic (PHT) up to 1500 PSI
    • Piston Rod Diameter: 5/8” through 5½”
    • Standard Mountings: 21
    • Bore Sizes: 1½” through 14”
    • Temperature Range:
      -65ºF to +200ºF ambient for standard Buna-N rod seals
      -15ºF to +400ºF when fluorocarbon seals are used.
    • NPTF ports standard.
      Options: BSPP and ISO 6149-1, SAE (PHT only).
    • Rod End Threads: Standard male and female straight thread;
      plus optional male thread sizes.
    • Cushioning available in all bore sizes, and at either or both ends.
    • Piston Rods: Case hardened 50-55 Rockwell “C”, chrome-plated and finished to 15 microinches or better.
    • Tie Rods: High-tensile, 1144 STRESSPROOF steel torqued at factory to standard specifications and secured by self-locking nuts.
    • Honed tubing, to 12 microinch finish. Pneumatic version has chrome plated I.D.


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Aventics PowerMaster NFPA Cylinders
Aventics PowerMaster® NFPA Cylinders
Aventics PowerMaster NFPA Cylinders

Aventics “Preferred Standard” NFPA Cylinders
PowerMaster® Steel
Hydraulic Cylinders (PPT) (500-1500 psi)
1-½”, 2”, 2-½”, 3-¼”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”
Strokes to
Rod Diameters
5/8” thru 2” (standard, 1st & 2nd oversize)
Extended Rods
(“W” dimensions)
Piston set screwed to rod
1-½” to 8”: MX0,1, 2, 3, 4; MP1; MS2; MT1; MT2 and MT4
1-½” to 6”: MF1, MF2, MF5, MF6, MP2 and MS4
8” only: ME3 & ME4
Standard rod ends
KK1, KK2 male, KK1 Female, studded, SAFE.
Port or Cushion locations
Quadrants 1, 2, 3, 4 (except MT1 and MT2 which are at 1 or 3)
Either Buna N or Viton
Quantities up to 5 pieces for a given model


Aventics “Preferred Standard” NFPA Cylinders
Available Mountings
Hydraulic (PHT)
Aventics PowerMaster Cylinder Mountings
Hydraulic (PHT)