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Industrial Sensors

Micro Photoelectric Sensors
Micro Photoelectric Sensors
  • Panasonic U-shaped - Amplifier Built-in
    - Connector Built-in PM-64
    - Ultra-small PM-24
    - Small PM-44/PM-54
  • Panasonic Convergent Reflective
    Micro Photoelectric Sensor PM2


Photoelectric Sensors
Photoelectric Sensors
  • Contrinex Photoelectric Sensors
    - Cylindrical Subminiature, Cylindrical Miniature,
      Cylindrical Small, Cubic Subminiature,
      Cubic Miniature, Cubic Small, Cubic Compact
  • Datalogic Photoelectric Sensors
    - Tubular - S50, S51, S5, S15, SL5
    - Miniature - S100, S3Z, SMall, S41, S40, S3
    - Compact - S62, S8 Series, S6, S60, S90
    - Maxi - S300 PR, S300 PA
    - FO Amplifier - S70, S7
    - Datalogic Fork - SR21, SR22, SR23, SR31, SRF
    - Datalogic Contrast - TL46, TLµ, TL50, S65-W
    - Datalogic Luminescence - LD46
    - Datalogic Colour - S65-V
    - Datalogic Area Sensors - AS1
  • Panasonic Photoelectric Sensors (Amplifier Built-in)
    - Compact CX-400 Ver.2
    - Ultra-slim EX-10S, - Ultra-slim EX-10 Ver.2
    - Ultra-compact EX-20 Ver.2
    - Threaded Miniature EX-30 Ver.2
    - Convergent Reflective EX-40
    - Adjustable Range Reflective EQ-30
    - Adjustable Range Reflective EQ-500
    - Cylindrical CY-100
    - Triple Beam Adjustable Range Reflective MQ-W
    - Robust Photoelectric Sensor RX
    - Adjustable Range Reflective RX-LS200
    - U-shaped Photoelectric Sensor RT-610
  • Panasonic Photoelectric Sensors
    (Power Supply Built-in)
    - Compact Multi-voltage NX5
  • Panasonic Photoelectric Sensors (Amplifier-separated)
    - Digital Laser Sensor LS-500
    - Digital Laser Sensor LS-400
  • Panasonic Color Mark Detection
    - Digital Mark Sensor LX-100
  • Panasonic Wafer Detection Photoelectric Sensor
    - Wafer Mapping Sensor M-DW1
    - LED Type Wafer Alignment Sensor Controller HD-T1
  • Panasonic Photoelectric Sensors - Liquid Detection
    - Liquid Leak Detection Sensor EX-F70/EX-F60
    - Pipe-mountable Liquid Level Detection Sensor EX-F1
    - Water Detection Sensor EZ-10
  • Panasonic Obstacle Sensing Long Range & Wide Area Photoelectric Sensor PX-2


Laser Measurement Sensors
Laser Measurement Sensors
  • Datalogic Measurement Sensors
    - Ultrasonic Sensors - US18, US30, US50
    - Distance Sensors - S85, S80, S81
    - Light Arrays Sensors - DS1, DS2, DS3, S65-Z
  • Panasonic Laser Displacement Sensors
    - CMOS type Micro Laser Distance Sensor HG-C
    - Compact Laser Displacement Sensor HL-G1
    - Ultra High-speed High-precision Laser
      Displacement Sensor HL-C2
    - Ultra High-speed Laser
      Displacement Sensor HL-C1
  • Panasonic Magnetic Displacement Sensors
    - High Speed High Accuracy Eddy Current Type
      Digital Displacement Sensor GP-X
    - High Accuracy Eddy Current Type
      Displacement Sensor GP-A
  • Panasonic Collimated Beam Sensors
    - Ultra-compact Laser Collimated Beam Sensor HL-T1
    - LED Collimated Beam Sensor LA-300
    - Laser Collimated Beam Sensor LA
    - Laser Type Edge Detection Sensor LD
  • Panasonic Metal-sheet Double-feed
    Detection GD Sensors


Inductive Sensors
Inductive Sensors
  • Contrinex Inductive Sensors
    - CLASSICS (600 series) - Basic, Miniature, Extreme,
      Extra Pressure, High Pressure, Extra temperature,
      High temperature, Washdown, Weld-immune
    - Inductive Extra Distance - Basic, Miniature,
      Extra Pressure, High Pressure, Analog Output, Special
    - Full Inox - Miniature, Extreme, Washdown,
      Weld-immune, Special
  • Datalogic Inductive Proximity Sensors
    - Basic, Stainless Steel, Metal Face,
      Weld Field Immune, Inductive AC, NAMUR, Square
  • Datalogic Sensor Accessories
    - CS Connectors, R Reflectors, OF, OFA Series
      Fiber Optic Cables, Lenses, Fixing Brackets,
      Thermocouples & Resistance
  • Panasonic Inductive Proximity Sensors
    (Amplifier Built-in)
    - Rectangular-shaped Inductive Proximity
      Sensor GX-F/H
    - Micro-size Inductive Proximity Sensor GXL
    - Compact & Low Price Inductive Proximity Sensor GL
    - Cylindrical Inductive Proximity Sensor GX-M
    - Cylindrical Inductive Proximity Sensor
    - Cylindrical Compact Inductive Proximity Sensor GX
  • Panasonic Inductive Proximity Sensors
    - Cylindrical Compact Inductive Proximity Sensor GX
  • Panasonic Compact Micro-size Inductive Proximity Sensor GS


Wire-Saving Systems
Wire-Saving Systems
  • Panasonic High-speed·Multi-point·Long Range
    - Flexible Wire-saving System S-LINK V
    - Picking Switch SL-VPK01
    - S-LINK V gateway controller for open network
  • Panasonic Mid-system
    - Sensor & Wire-saving Link System S-LINK
    - Picking Switch SL-PK01
  • Panasonic Upper Communication Unit
    - Commnunication Unit for Open Network SC-GU3
    - Communication Unit for CC-Link SC-GU2-C
    - Upper Communication Unit for
      Digital Sensors SC-GU1-485
  • Panasonic Sensor-PLC Connection System SC
  • Panasonic Sensor Block for Simple Wiring SL-BMW/BW


Safety Sensors - Components - Light Curtains
Safety Sensors, Components, Light Curtains
  • Contrinex Safety Sensors
    - YBB-14 Safetinex Light Curtains Series
      Safety Finger Protection
    - YBB-30 Safetinex Light Curtains Series
      Safety Hand Protection
    - YCA Safety Access Control Series
    - Safety Accessories, Cables and Cable Connectors
  • Panasonic Light Curtains
    - Compact Light Curtain[Type4 PLe SIL3] SF4B-C
    - Ultra-slim Light Curtain [Type 2 PLc SIL1] SF2C
    - Ultra-slim Light Curtain Type 4 PLe SIL3 SF4C
    - Light Curtain Type 4 SF4B Ver.2
    - Light Curtain Type 4 Korean Press Machine
      Compliant SF4B-03 Ver.2
    - Robust Light Curtain [Category4 PLe SIL3]
      SF4B-[]G Ver.2
    - Light Curtain Type 2 SF2B Ver.2
    - Flameproof Type Light Curtain Type 4 BSF4-AH80
  • Panasonic Control Units
    - Exclusive Control Unit for Light Curtain SF-C10
    - CC-Link Safety System Remote I/O Unit for
      Light Curtain SF-CL1T264T
  • Panasonic Safety Components
    - Safety Laser Scanner Type 3 SD3-A1
    - Compact Type 4 Safety Beam Sensor ST4
    - Ultra-slim Safety door switch with
      solenoid interlock SG-B1
    - Ultra-slim Safety door switch SG-A1
    - Safety door switch with key SG-B2
    - Key selector switch SG-D1
    - Enable grip switch SG-C1
    - Emergency stop switch SG-E1
    - Safety Liquid Leak Sensor
      [Control Category 4 PLe SIL3] SQ4
    - Optical Touch Switch SW-100
    - Safety Relay Unit for PNP Output (Equivalent) Type
      Light Curtain SF-AC


Rotary Encoders
Rotary Encoders
  • Datalogic Rotary Encoders
    - Incremental - ENC41, ENC58, OEK-4
    - Absolute Single-Turn - AST58-SSI
    - Absolute Multi-Turn - AMT58-SSI and Fieldbus
  • Datalogic Linear Measurement Accessories
    - DW, MW


Laser Sensors
Laser Sensors
  • Datalogic Laser Marking
    - AREX Ultra Compact Fiber Laser
    - Ulyxe Cost-effective DPSS Active Q-Switched Laser
    - V-LASE Solid State Laser
    - EOX High Quality Permanent Marking
  • Panasonic Laser Sensors - Amplifier Built-in
    - Ultra-compact Laser Sensor EX-L200
    - CMOS type Micro Laser Distance Sensor HG-C
  • Panasonic Laser Sensors - Amplifier-separated
    - Digital Laser Sensor LS-500
    - Digital Laser Sensor LS-400


Area Sensors
Area Sensors
  • Panasonic Slim Body Area Sensors
    - General Purpose NA2-N
    - Small Object Detection NA1-11
  • Panasonic Picking Area Sensors
    - Ultra-slim NA1-PK5/NA1-5
    - Compact Size NA1-PK3
  • Panasonic General Purpose Area Sensors
    - 40 mm Beam Pitch NA40


Ultrasonic Sensors
Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Contrinex Ultrasonic Sensors
    - Miniature M12, Small M18, Compact M30
  • Contrinex Capacitive Sensors
    - Basic, High Performance
  • Contrinex RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
    - Low Frequency
    - High Frequency


Fiber Optic Sensors
Fiber Optic Sensors
  • Panasonic Digital Display Sensors
    - FX-500, FX-100, FX-410, FX-300
  • Panasonic Fiber Sensors
    - Square Head, Super Quality, Threaded Type,
      Cylindrical Type, Sleeve, Flat Type, Small Spot,
      Narrow Beam, Wide Beam, Convergent Reflective
      Type, Retroreflective Type, Chemical-resistant,
      Heat-resistant, Vacuum-resistant, Metal-free,
      Liquid Leak / Liquid Detection
  • Panasonic Fiber Options and Accessories
  • Panasonic Color Detection Fiber Sensor FZ-10


Pressure Sensors / Flow Sensors
Pressure Sensors / Flow Sensors
  • Panasonic Flow Sensors
    - Integrated Display Type Digital Flow Sensor FM-200
    - Air Flow Monitor EWA1
  • Panasonic Pressure Digital Display
    - Dual Display Digital Pressure Sensor DP-100
    - Micro-differential Pressure High-precision
      Digital Pressure Sensor DP-M
  • Panasonic Pressure Head-separated
    - Dual display Digital [For gas & liquid]
      DPC-L100 / DPH-L100
    - Dual Display Digital Pressure Sensor
      DPH-100 / DPC-100
    - Dual Display Digital Pressure Sensor
      DPS-400 / DPH-100
  • Panasonic High-performance
    Digital Pressure Sensor DP2


Sensor Options
Sensor Options
  • Panasonic Universal Sensor Mounting Stand MS-AJ
  • Panasonic Sensor Checker CHX-SC2
  • Panasonic Ultra-compact Digital Panel Controller CA2
  • Panasonic ON / OFF Input Sensor Controller NPS
  • Panasonic Power Supply Unit PS-18V-U


Special Purpose Sensors
Special Purpose Sensors
  • Panasonic Hot Melt Glue Detector TH
  • Panasonic Thru-beam Type Ultrasonic Sensor US-N300
  • Panasonic Flameproof Type Light Curtain
    Type 4 BSF4-AH80
  • Panasonic Wafer detection Sensors
    - Wafer Mapping Sensor M-DW1
    - LED Type Wafer Alignment Sensor Controller HD-T1
  • Panasonic Safety Liquid Leak Sensor
    [Control Category 4 PLe SIL3] SQ4


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