Industrial Automation

Machine Vision Systems

Machine Vision Systems Smart Cameras
Smart Cameras
  • Datalogic P-Series Smart Camera
  • Datalogic A-Series Smart Camera
  • Datalogic T-Series Smart Camera


Machine Vision Systems Sensors
Vision Sensors
  • Datalogic DataVS2 Vision Sensor
    Object Recognition (OBJ), Advanced Object Recognition (AOR), Identification (ID),
    Professional (PRO)
    - DataVS-MK-01 mounting kit


Machine Vision Systems Processors
Vision Processors
  • Datalogic MX20 Series Processor
    entry-level, Intel® T3100 dual-core 1.90 GHz processor, 2 PoE camera ports
  • Datalogic MX40 Series Processor
    Intel® multi-core processors, 4 PoE camera ports
  • Datalogic MX80 Series Processor
    Intel® Core i7 quad-core microprocessor,
    4GB memory and 4 Gigabit PoE ports


Machine Vision Systems Software
  • Datalogic Impact Software Suite
    Over 120 inspection tools and
    50 user interface controls
    - Vision Program Manager (VPM)
    - Control Panel Manager (CPM)
  • Datalogic Pattern Sorting Tool


Machine Vision Systems Cameras
  • Datalogic M-1xx Series Camera
  • Datalogic M-2xx Series Camera
  • Datalogic M-3xx Series Camera
  • Datalogic M-5xx Series Line Scan Camera
  • Datalogic M-Series Specialty Cameras


Machine Vision Systems Accessories
  • Datalogic VSM (Vision Sensor Monitor)
  • Datalogic SIL series (Solid-Sate Illuminator)
  • Datalogic LED Ring Light
  • Datalogic LED Panel Light


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