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John Henry Foster Company is your place for DESTACO products.DESTACO manufactures innovative material handling tools for any application, consistently offering industry-leading products for streamlining manufacturing processes. DESTACO is the worldwide leader in the innovation, design, manufacture and support of clamps, grippers, indexers, slides, conveyors, robotic tooling and remote handling products for workplace and automation needs.

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Pneumatic Clamps
Pneumatic Clamps
  • DESTACO Standard Pneumatic Clamps
    - Series 800, Series 803, Series 807, Series 1200
  • DESTACO Swing Clamps
  • DESTACO Power Clamps
    - Series 82D40-2/82D63-5
  • DESTACO Power Cylinders
    - Round design: Type K and WK
    - Rectangular design: Type WR
  • DESTACO Pneumatic Clamp Accessories


Hydraulic Clamps
Hydraulic Clamps
  • DESTACO Edge Clamps
  • DESTACO Power Clamps
  • DESTACO Swing/Pull Clamps
  • DESTACO Hydraulic Cylinders
  • DESTACO Power Source


Manual Toggle Clamps
Manual Toggle Clamps
  • DESTACO Hold-Down Clamps
    - Vertical Handle, Horizontal Handle
  • DESTACO Draw Latch Clamps
  • DESTACO Squeeze Action
  • DESTACO Straight Line Action
  • DESTACO Carver Clamps
  • DESTACO Precision Clamping
  • DESTACO Heavy Duty Clamps


Pneumatic Clamps - Accessories
Clamp Accessories
  • DESTACO Spindles
    - Cone-Tip Bonded Neoprene,
      Flat-Tip Bonded Neoprene,
      Hex-Head, Hex-Head Stainless Steel,
      Large Diameter Swivel, Swivel Foot
  • DESTACO Caps
    - Neoprene, Polyurethane Cone Tip,
      Polyurethane Flat Tip, Special Neoprene
  • DESTACO Flanged Washers
  • DESTACO Adapters and Extensions