John Henry Foster Company is your place for NOSHOK products. NOSHOK, Inc. is an industry leader, delivering Measurement Solutions to a wide variety of industries including oil & gas, fluid power, general industrial, automation, chemical processing, manufacturing, water & waste water, food & beverage, and many more.

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Hydraulic Gauges - Low Pressure
Low Pressure Diaphragm Gauges 
Hydraulic Gauge Accessories
Gauge Accessories 



Hydraulic Products

Hydraulic  Gauges - Brass
Brass Case Pressure Gauges 
Hydraulic  Gauges - Standard
Standard Pressure Gauges 
Hydraulic  Gauges - Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges 


Hydraulic  Gauges - Liquid Filled
Liquid Filled Gauges 



Pneumatic Products

Hydraulic  Gauges - Standard
Dry Pressure Gauges 


Gauges - Liquid Filled
Liquid Filled Gauges 



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