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Piab Value Line
Vacuum Automation Components

As an authorized distributor of Piab, John Henry Foster Company is your place for Value Line. Piab’s line of cost–effective vacuum automation components.

Piab’s Value Line vacuum products are well suited to handle or clamp generic materials such as cardboard, smooth plastic and dry metal sheets in applications with low/medium machine speed.

Piab Value Line - Loading & Unloading
      Sheet metal loading and unloading
    • The Value Line Flat–Concave cups have stability and a low build height that fits gripper tools for metal forming machines, such as folding, bending and laser cutting machines. For light weight installations on grippers and a decentralized vacuum safety approach with high gripper flexibility, the Value Line ejectors are an appropriate choice.


Piab Value Line - Carton Erecting
      Case and carton erecting
    • To minimize case erectors jamming due to case–to–case variation and imperfections, the compliant and abrasion resistant Value Line cups with built in level compensation (even on the Flat–Concave style cups) are a good and reliable choice. A broad selection of sizes and models facilitates finding the correct cup for your application.


Piab Value Line - Parts Removal
      Parts removal – injection molding automation
    • If picking temperature is below 176˚F and the surface is smooth, the mark and silicone–free Value Line cups are suitable for plastic part removal of injection molds. The light weight Value Line ejectors, with basic functionality, is a cost–effective vacuum generator choice for gripper tools in injection mold automation.



Piab Value Line Suction Cups   (Technical Data)
    • Flat Concave Design
      Program of 7 flat–concave cups from 20 to 75mm [0.79 to 2.95 in] diameter. The design gives good stability, a possibility to handle curved surfaces and it gives a small degree of level compensation thanks to the slightly concave design.
    • Bellows Design
      Program of 7 bellows cups from 20 to 75mm [0.79 to 2.95 in] diameter. The bellows design allows for more level compensation (less machine accuracy needed) and a possibility to handle curved areas and small radius. Limited capacity to handle forces parallel to the surface of the object.
    • Long Bellows Design
      Program of 7 long bellows cups from 20 to 75mm [0.79 to 2.95 in] diameter. The long bellows gives extra level compensation (less machine accuracy needed) and better ability to grip on difficult geometries. The long stroke can help separate thin sheets/objects. Not recommended when force is parallel to surface of the object.
    • Cup Fittings
      Optional push–on fittings with male and female threads in same fitting for easy installation. An internal hexagon grip makes it easy to tighten and untighten the cup. Material brass.
Piab Value Line - Cup Types



Piab Value Line Ejectors   (Technical Data)
    • Inline Design
      Light weight and small size ejector. Compressed air and vacuum ports are “inline” with integrated push–in style fittings. Easy installation directly on the hose makes for a close connection to the suction cup.
    • T–Design
      Light weight and small size ejector. Integrated push–in fitting for compressed air, vacuum and exhaust ports. Exhaust air can easily be piped away if needed. Mounting bracket is included.
Piab Value Line - Ejector Types