Material Handling

Workholding Clamps
and Grippers

Electric Parallel Grippers
Electric Parallel Grippers
  • Robohand DPE Series
    - DPE-400 (Heavy Duty )
    - DPE-200 (Medium Duty)
    - RPE-100 (Light Duty)


Hydraulic Clamps
Hydraulic Clamps
  • DESTACO Edge Clamps
  • DESTACO Power Clamps
  • DESTACO Swing/Pull Clamps
  • DESTACO Hydraulic Cylinders
  • DESTACO Power Source


Manual Toggle Clamps
Manual Toggle Clamps
  • DESTACO Hold-Down Clamps
    - Vertical Handle, Horizontal Handle
  • DESTACO Draw Latch Clamps
  • DESTACO Squeeze Action
  • DESTACO Straight Line Action
  • DESTACO Carver Clamps
  • DESTACO Precision Clamping
  • DESTACO Heavy Duty Clamps


Pneumatic Clamps
Pneumatic Clamps
  • DESTACO Standard Pneumatic Clamps
    - Series 800, Series 803, Series 807, Series 1200
  • DESTACO Swing Clamps
  • DESTACO Power Clamps
    - Series 82D40-2/82D63-5
  • DESTACO Power Cylinders
    - Round design: Type K and WK
    - Rectangular design: Type WR
  • DESTACO Pneumatic Clamp Accessories


Pneumatic 2-Jaw Parallel Grippers
Pneumatic 2-Jaw Parallel Grippers
  • Robohand DirectConnect 2-Jaw Parallel Grippers
    - DPDL Series (Double Wedge Long Stroke)
    - DPDS Series (Double Wedge Short Stroke)
    - DPG Series (Gib Parallel Gripper)
    - DPL Series (2-Jaw Long Stroke)
    - DPP Series (Precision)
    - DPW Series (Wide Body)
  • Robohand B Series 2-Jaw Parallel Grippers
    - BPG (Long Stroke), BPW (Wide Body),
      BRP (Heavy Duty)
  • Robohand GC Series (2-Jaw Precision spring)
  • Robohand RDH Series (2-Jaw Parallel Gripper)
  • Robohand REP-2 Series
    (Shielded Cylindrical Spring Assist)
  • Robohand RP Series (Double Wedge)
    - RP-5/10 (Miniature)
  • Robohand RPL Series (Low Profile)
    - RPLC Series (Clean Room / Harsh Environments)
  • Robohand RPM Series (Miniature)
    - RPMC Series (Clean Room)
  • Robohand RPR Series (Custom Wheel Handling)
  • Robohand RPW Series (Wide Body)
  • Robohand G100 Series
    - G110 - Vertical Jaw extension options
    - G120 - Extended finger mounts



Pneumatic 3-Jaw Parallel Grippers
Pneumatic 3-Jaw Parallel Grippers
  • Robohand 3-Jaw Parallel Grippers
    - PPC Series (Through Hole)
    - REP-3 Series (Shielded)
    - RTH Series (Shielded Centering)


Pneumatic Clamps - Accessories
Clamp Accessories
  • DESTACO Spindles
    - Cone-Tip Bonded Neoprene,
      Flat-Tip Bonded Neoprene,
      Hex-Head, Hex-Head Stainless Steel,
      Large Diameter Swivel, Swivel Foot
  • DESTACO Caps
    - Neoprene, Polyurethane Cone Tip,
      Polyurethane Flat Tip, Special Neoprene
  • DESTACO Flanged Washers
  • DESTACO Adapters and Extensions



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