Value Added

Custom Assemblies

At John Henry Foster Company, we are proud to provide customized products for our customers. Our capabilities include both design and final assembly. We can produce one unit or one hundred and in most instances, there is no minimum order. Our sales and engineering staff work hand in hand with customers to create the optimum combination of form, fit, and function.

Some of the advantages of custom assemblies

  • Plug-And-Play Technology - Out of the box and on to the machine
    in no time at all, with a minimum of required connections.
  • Technical Expertise - We know our products well, and can fit the best
    product to your application. We can help eliminate guessing on
    sizes and material compatibility.
  • Less Hassle - One part number is all that is needed. No more keeping track
    of a dozen different items to purchase and assemble.
  • OEM Applications - We can cut your production time and your labor
    costs by pre-assembling components, making them immediately ready
    for the production line.
  • Maintenance/Repair Applications - We can help reduce down-time for
    maintenance. For example, if a valve and several fittings are usually replaced
    simultaneously, we can pre-install the fittings for faster repairs.


Custom Assemblies We Have Created



Filter/Regulator/Valve Stack Combination

Pneumatic assembly consisting of an OSHA approved lock out valve, a filter-regulator, pressure switch, and a three-valve stack. The valves are two-position single solenoid, 24 VDC valves. The left most valve has its own dedicated pressure regulator. Not pictured are power cords with indicator lights for each valve.
Filter/Regulator/Valve Stack Combination


Valve Stack with Isolation Plates

Pneumatic valve stack consisting of four 4-way valves, two isolation plates, and an intermediate supply / exhaust station. Isolators allow three different pressure sources in same manifold. Valves 1 and 2 operate on one pressure source. Valves 3 and 4 have their own dedicated pressure source. This simplifies plumbing and electrical connections creating one valve station, rather than three. Push-to connect fittings for quick air line hook-up.
Valve Stack with Isolation Plates 


Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Manifold

An aluminum hydraulic manifold for cylinder control with 16 solenoid valves, and 16 counterbalance (load holding) valves. Fittings are installed on the opposite side, and wiring of the solenoids is completed at John Henry Foster prior to shipping. Once at the customer's facility, hydraulic lines are installed, and two plug-in electrical connections are made, and the unit is ready for service.
Hydraulic Cartridge Valve Manifold 


Hydraulic Motor Speed Control Manifold

Hydraulic package consisting of a directional valve, flow control, check valves for all four stations, and a four station manifold. Designed to operate a motor circuit, each station has its own adjustable needle valve for low speed operation, and dual check valves to prevent oil back flow. The directional valves select slow speed by directing oil through the needle valve. High speed is attained when the directional valve bypasses the needle valve. Four hydraulic motors are controlled from this single, compact assembly. 
Hydraulic Motor Speed Control Manifold 


Extruded Aluminum Framing Display Bench

This bench for displaying and demonstrating new tools was created using extruded aluminum t-slot framing. This framing allows strong, weld-free connections that are secure but easily adjustable, providing endless versatility for your needs.  
Aluminum 80/20 bench 

These are just a few examples of what John Henry Foster Company can assemble for you. Whether simple or complex, please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific fluid power application needs. We are eager to help you achieve success.