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Power Units

Power Units

For more than 50 years, John Henry Foster Company has supplied the mid-west with excellence in fluid power. Our ability to design and build custom hydraulic power units has been an important part of our company. Our sales and engineering staff work closely with our customers to determine application requirements, and then efficiently size the hydraulic power package.

Why Hydraulic Power?

Compact Design: High pressure allows actuators to provide high torque and high force from a small physical package.

Efficiency: Designed properly, hydraulic systems are more efficient to operate than equivalent pneumatic systems.

Power Units

Versatility: Hydraulic components can be combined in many different ways, providing various circuit designs while utilizing the same components.

Safety: Hydraulic power can be safely used in environments that electric power cannot.

No-Leak Technology: Modern hydraulic systems are no longer need the leaky, dirty units buried in the recesses of a plant. New technology allows for leak-free connections, and units are painted to prevent corrosion (you can even choose your own color!)

There is virtually no size limit for a hydraulic power unit. We can design systems to power entire plants as well as single cylinders. We stock components from several manufacturers, including Bosch-Rexroth, Sun and Danfoss. All of our power units are built, tested, and painted at our facility prior to shipping. Power Units

Most hydraulic power units are one-of-a-kind, but not all. We can build one, or a dozen, whatever your application requires. For example, a car wash manufacturer purchased 17 identical units. Each unit providing the power to run hydraulic motors, which, in turn, power the automatic wash mechanism. Hydraulic power is used in this application because of the potential for the hydraulic motors to be sprayed with soap and water. The blue power units are kept dry inside the car wash building.

If you have an application for a hydraulic power unit, we would be happy to discuss it with you. Whether large or small, one or one hundred, we have a solution for your hydraulic power needs. Contact us today!