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Sep 26, 2017

... Industrial Automation

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Our Customer:

An Engineering Solutions Company in Springfield, Missouri.  


The Challenge:

Find a corrosion resistant actuator with a wash down motor.  


The Solution:

John Henry Foster’s automation expert partnered with our engineers, the customer and our trusted vendors to supply the corrosion resistant actuator, gearbox and wash down motor.  


The Ultimate Outcome:

Our automation team continues to work closely with our customer’s controls engineer to solve any challenges presented. Not only does our customer have a complete understanding of how to operate the equipment, they also have a partner in performance… John Henry Foster.  


Our customer’s Controls Engineer had this to say about his experience with JHF:

“But I tell you what, everything went great! It ran smooth! And did everything I needed it to! I appreciate all of your guys’ help in getting us all set up and for the feedback I was able to get on the technical side of things from you and your team!”

“Thank you guys very much!”


Moral of the Story:

We love a good challenge! When your next project calls for a partner in performance, call John Henry Foster!! 800-444-0522