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Industrial Automation

Making the Complex, Simple.

We’re here to help you automate even the most intricate operating processes for fast and lean manufacturing. Communicate, drive, control, monitor and protect any process or component in your facility. With a full-line of electrical and mechanical solutions and unmatched engineering expertise, state-of-the-art technology and effortless automation is just a phone call away.

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Automation Devices

For the most diverse portfolio of industrial automation devices, call John Henry Foster. From timers and counters to sensors and scanners, and HMI and PLCs, we have the products to automate even the most complex operation. And for the more unique operations, we specialize in custom automation assemblies and systems.

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Bar Code Readers

Choosing the right barcode reader for your process is important. With the largest selection of laser bar code scanners, image-based ID readers and connectivity devices, John Henry Foster has you covered.

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Drives and Controls

Electric Drives and Controls from John Henry Foster set the standard in factory automation. Representing industry-respected suppliers of the most innovative solutions in automation, we have the products and systems you need to maximize your flexibility and efficiency.

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Industrial Sensors

John Henry Foster carries the widest selection of optical rotary encoders,inductive proximity sensors, magnetic proximity sensors, capacitive proximity sensors, laser sensors, fiber optic sensors, and more. When your process automation relies on critical data, let the automation experts at JHF help.

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Linear Motion

Linear motion is used in facilities for pick and place operations, CNC lasers and routers, complex adhesive application or whenever super-precise and accurate positioning is required.We’ll help you choose or design linear motion systems, profiled rail systems, multi-axis handling systems, screw assemblies and system components to fit your unique application

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Machine Safety

Choose JHF for Innovative safety products and solutions. We have the products and engineering expertise to help you improve the functional operation of your equipment while helping to increase personnel safety, efficiency and productivity. From safety mats and curtains to safety switches and relays and custom machine safety systems, and more, we have what you need to maximize safe operations in your facility.

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Machine Vision Systems

Machine vision software and systems allow you to customize application performance to your specific needs. Our experts will help you choose and implement well-designed vision systems, machine process control and feedback products and solutions to automation any operation.

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Material Handling

Move, store, control and protect your products throughout manufacturing with material handling products and systems from John Henry Foster. Whether you're looking for products such as work-holding grippers, hoists, or conveyers...or in need of a uniquely designed system for your operations, we can help.

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Motion Control

John Henry Foster offers complete motion automation solutions for industrial applications. From high precision stages, motion controllers,and complete motion systems, we’ll help keep your operations moving.

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Tension Control

Precise tension control is critical for production processes that require constant tension of material such as converting lines, winding/unwinding, cutting, coating and printing. John Henry Foster has the products and custom-engineered solutions for any tension control application.

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Vacuum Products

John Henry Foster represents top-tier manufacturers of innovative industrial vacuum products and systems. Cleanup or transport a wide variety of materials including aggregates, powders, sand, dust, slurries, and liquids with vacuum pumps, generators and tank systems and suction cup systems from JHF.

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Search, size, compare and select products that meet your unique application and precise specification.

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