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Reliability and Simplicity

We stock the pneumatics you need. From cylinders, valves and fittings to complete systems, and network connectivity, we understand you need a wide selection of available components, tools and compressors to maximize productivity.

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Actuators & Shock Absorbers

Pneumatic actuators convert energy (typically in the form of compressed air) into mechanical motion. Energy absorption products are used to control, slow, or stop that energy and dissipate impact on machinery components. John Henry Foster Company has a wide selection of immediately available pneumatic actuators and shock absorbers for your application.

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Air Exhaust Mufflers

Use a dependable pneumatic air muffler from John Henry Foster company to help clean exhausted air and reduce the sound of pneumatic systems.

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Air Motors

Air motors from John Henry Foster are ideal for applications where electric and hydraulic motors can’t be used. Compact, lightweight and vibration-free, these provide variable torque and speed and can operate in any environment.

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Air Tools

John Henry Foster carries a wide variety of air tools for your next project. A pneumatic tool or air tool is typically driven by compressed air, supplied by an air compressor. With only industry-trusted brands, you're sure to find the dependable tools you need at John Henry Foster.

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We represent the industry’s leading pneumatic couplers and disconnects- used primarily for pneumatic applications, connecting air tools, hoses, or other implements in compressed air systems. Keep the pressure on with John Henry Foster’s selection of pneumatic couplers.

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Pneumatic cylinders are typically used to generate force and motion on a vast range of OEM equipment. Whether you’re pushing, pulling, lifting, lowering, or rotating, let John Henry Foster help you ensure you have the best cylinder for your application.

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Distribution Manifolds

For total control of your pneumatic air - in any system - choose JHF. We have a variety of manifolds and manifold systems - standard and customized - to meet your unique specification.

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Produce air that is virtually free of all contaminants with pneumatic filters from JHF. Whether removing particulate and water or oil and solids...or removing air line vapors, we have the filters and combination assemblies to help you with all your air cleaning and drying.

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Leak Testing

Improve seals, identify weak spots, determine min/max burst pressure and define specifications with leak testing products and services from John Henry Foster.

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Improve the quality of compressed air, reduce wear and support smooth running of your system's pneumatic components with pneumatic lubricators or combination FRL assemblies from John Henry Foster.

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Air regulators reduce supply pressure to the level required for efficient operation of your pneumatic equipment. Let JHF help you choose the regulator or combination assembly to best fit your needs.

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When it comes to selecting the right type of pneumatic valve for your application, you have many options. We'll work with you to help find a valve to meet your needs - considering what will be controlled, method of actuation and return, valve configuration and flow capacity (valve size).

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Workholding Clamps and Grippers

Pneumatic clamps and grippers are ideal for quick clamping of both repetitious production operations and short-run jobs. Call JHF for the best selection of high performance, durable work-holding clamps and grippers.

Sizing & Selection Tools

Search, size, compare and select products that meet your unique application and precise specification.

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